Our Digit Fidget Pockets are hoodie pockets lined with different fabric textures. Some are soft, squishy, bumpy, even crinkly making our hoodies and their pockets WAYBEYONDTHELABEL. They are MORE THAN your standard label hoodie. They have a hidden surprise. When you put your hands in your pockets, you have your very own pocket fidget. There is not another clothing experience like it. Period. They are durable soft and machine washable, with tear away tags. We make them because people need them. Adults, teens, and kids, to relax, feel confident, and empowered.


Customer inspirational Manager
Lead Graphics Manager

We are Eenie and Oodie and we have Autism. How we go about things is way different than most teenagers. We type to talk , all the time, not just when we text. We have food allergies up the wazoo, which stinks! We are fashion designers too. We bring something unique to the fashion world.  Waybeyondthelabel is a brand that is all about how your clothes feel and how you feel when your wearing them. Our Digit Fidget Pockets are filled with fun textures and colors. Our t shirts are soft, and tagless.  All our art work we create with your heart and spirit in mind. Waybeyondthelabel is a complete sensory fashion experience.  (mom does supervise this website, but we write the content)