Digit Fidget Pockets

There are hoodies and then there are Digit Fidget Pocket Hoodies. The difference is Digit Fidget Pockets are lined with textured fabrics that are durable, safe, secure and machine washable . They are soft, bumpy, silky and squishy, textures for your hands and digits to fidget. We all have a favorite hoodie, this one , is waybeyondthelabel! Everyone has a favorite hoodie, but you will always remember, how Digit Fidget Pocket Hoodies made you feel.

Minky and Silk with Add Ons

Minky Dots



We have partnered up with THE AMAZING Puzzle Pieces team and we are hosting a raffle that includes a $50 off gift code from our store and the folks at puzzle pieces
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This Raffle ends December 24th 2020 at Midnight

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